At the moment, I’m writing two books at once. I know, like it’s not tough enough to write one, right? Anyway, deadlines have a way of forcing your hand, even if those deadlines are self-imposed. The challenge I seem to be running into has everything to do with words, like in finding the right ones. Especially for book one…

Book one is a paranormal erotica…here we have all sorts of word choices that, under any other circumstances or genres, would be considered big no-nos. For example, what word do you use for a male’s genitalia? How about C**K? Works for me. Maybe D**K. Nah, I hate that word. Sounds childish. I considered the word penis, but it sounds too ‘stiff’ (no pun intended), like a doctor checking for a urinary tract infection. What does that leave me with? Quivering manhood….yuk. This isn’t a historical romance. Okay, so I stick with the word C**K and hope I don’t get shot for using it.

Now Book Two is a paranormal thriller, which I don’t have any problems finding words for except when my main character runs into trouble. She’s a tough cookie who doesn’t take crap from anyone. If the villain is in her face, threatening her life, the character— well, mine anyway— is going to say something like “F**K off!” To stay true to her character it’s the only thing that fits. I certainly can’t see her saying, “Oh, darn, go away!” If I read that in a book with a tough character, I’d probably toss that book across the room and never pick it up again.

I like my characters and the genres I write in to feel ‘real’. I like my characters to do and say things that fit their personalities. Certainly there are times that situation changes, especially when you’re working through a character arc, but what about at the onset? All I know to do is stay true to my character and hope I don’t get shot for using the word F**K too many times. (Like twice seems to be too many times for some people.)

What say ye, oh, great people of words? Stay true or soft soap it?

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