Favorite Links

One of the best writer resources sites on the web!

Constructing Horror
This site has a lot of interesting articles, storytelling reviews and audio interviews. All content explores storytelling, and the reviews have a teaching element that helps visitors of the site see techniques or highlights of the stories. Great site for beginning writers!

Crime Critics
Great bookreview and author interview website created by two terrific friends!

Literacy Inc.
a non-profit organization committed to fighting the growing rate of illiteracy in America’s teens. Go on over there and support them, will ya?

Ghost Chicks
The Ghost Chicks, Lorrie Jones and Tara Deters, are two of the sweetest southern belles and craziest friends I’ve ever known!

Kathryn Magendie
Kathryn Magendie is an extremely talented author, a phenomenal editor, my sister-wolf,and a once in a lifetime friend.

Horror World
Horror’s #1 community on the web!

My favorite local Cajun music radio station.


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