Latest newsflash is that Grave Intent is now available as an MP3 download from Amazon, Audible, and iTunes and before long, I’ll have it available right here on my site. (Hopefully soon!) Anyway, the actress reading GI is Alexandria Stevens, who, along with Raven Audio, made this a fabulous production! Have a listen to an excerpt….



In case you haven’t heard the latest, Water Witch is now out in Audio! It’s a new release by Books in Motion and read by Xe Sands (She’s got a cool name, doesn’t she?), who did a fabulous job! You can check out the audio book here

And if you’d like to listen to a free excerpt of the book read by Xe, go here….

(On the right side of Xe’s homepage, you’ll see an audio box. Look under Fiction and you’ll find Water Witch. )