Corona bologna?

Yesterday was unbelievable. I went shopping for groceries and found more than half the shelves empty. I went to another store and found the same thing. Another store, same problem…Hand sanitizer, foggetaboutit,–toilet paper, fogettaboutit. Even baby wipes and Kleenex were selling out faster than water. The only time I’ve ever seen anything close to this kind of chaos in south Louisiana was when people go into hurricane preparedness.

The Corona Virus has caused more upheaval than the bird flu and the anthrax scare put together. Schools are now closed for a month. Any organization that planned a meeting, parade, or event that would cause over 250 people to congregate had to postpone their event until further notice. Rumors are flying like UFOs. They’re expecting grocery stores, movie theaters, restaurants and hotels to be closing next week.

I understand the need for precaution, but holy moly, this is taking the general public into a state of mayhem. Is it necessary? My opinion is not to this extreme. The general flu has the same potential to kill the young and elderly as the Corona Virus yet we don’t set up an annual state of emergency when flu season comes around.

Of course I could be totally off my rocker on this one. One—because I don’t have the virus and two, I don’t know of anyone who has the Corona Virus. What I do know is that even in the worst of times there are always asswipes ready to take advantage of us who dare to prepare. For instance, the first thing to fly off of supermarket shelves was hand sanitizers. You couldn’t find them anywhere. At one store, and I kid you not, a cashier told me when I asked if they had hand sanitizer that, “The whole United State is out.” No, that isn’t a misspelling. Evidently the cashier had not completed her geography courses in school. There are more states in the union than one. I don’t know about the whole United State…unless, of course, that state is Louisiana. I did find some Purell hand sanitizer on Amazon. The jerk off selling it wanted $100 for 6 small bottles. At the onset of this virus, one guy in particular figured he’d beat the odds and bought over 17,000 bottles of Purell. He sold the small individual bottles for $50 a pop. It didn’t take long before the authorities shut him down for price gouging.

So, here, in the midst of our great nation, we’re terrifying each other by wiping out store shelves like the zombie apocalypse is eminent. And we have asswipes who are taking advantage of our fear.

Where does it end? What do we do? Hell if I know what the answer is. All I can say is I might not have Purell, but do own enough toilet paper to restock Walmart.


  1. Kim Capello on March 16, 2020 at 1:49 pm

    Exactly! I agree 100%!

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