A Haunting We Will Go….Or Not

A couple of weeks ago, we had the chance to do a paranormal investigation at a house located in Lafayette, La. We were anxious to get into this location because it had somehow managed to get international attention. Reporters from multiple television stations and newspapers from around the country stated that the owner of the house was willing to give it away to anyone willing to move it off the property. Word had it, that the house was more haunted than all the hoopla surrounding the Amityville Horror house.

Fortunately, we were able to reach the owner and were given full access to the house. Our team was ready and willing to take this project on. The picture below is one that I took before the rest of the crew arrived at the house. I have no idea what the orange balls in the bush beside the house are. Some may say they’re orbs, but I can’t say that conclusively.  I just found them fascinating.

Once the entire team had arrived, I did my standard walk through….which means I walk through the house with one of the lead investigators following me, taking notes on the things I pick up. I.E. Pictures or words in my mind’s eye, words or events I hear about in my mind’s ear, etc. Usually my success rate on a walk through averages about 75%. However, I connected with something or someone of significance in this house because my accuracy rate on names and events was nearly 95%.

There was no doubt in my mind that an elderly woman who once lived in that house, still walked its halls. I picked up the name Adele Vincent, and the name was confirmed by one of our lead investigators who had gotten information about the house prior to our arrival. I’m never privy to this information until after my walk through. Once I’m done, then the information I’ve given the investigator is compared to what they received prior to our arrival or compared to what an owner may be experiencing at that time.

Unfortunately, the only evidence we received that night, was a male’s voice responding to a question asked by one of our lead investigator’s. The investigator asked. “Is there someone in this house?” A male’s voice answered through one of the ghost boxes we had operating at that time.  It said, “Adele.”

The only other evidence, which I can’t really claim as evidence because I have no way to verify or debunk it are the orange balls seen in the picture below. Aside from these two events. The only other thing the hunt provided us with was sweltering heat.

Haunted House

Although the reporters from so many states and countries claimed that no one wanted this free house because it was so haunted. I’ll have to beg to  differ. There is nothing malevolent in the house. I truly believe what’s keeping anyone from taking it free and clear is the cost that would be incurred to move it. The house is so large it would have to be cut into three pieces to be moved. And we’ve heard that the estimated cost of moving the house was $80,000. Now THAT’S scary!

Until our next adventure, my dear friends, stay safe!


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