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Archive for July 2016

Wild, Wild West–East–North & South

Straight up, my rounds, the world has become a strange, weird place. Well, not so much the world as some of the people in it. Semi truck killing and injuring so many, shooting in Orlando nightclub, cops shooting….people shooting cops. Kids killed in zoos–freaky suicides. Look, whatever God you believe in or higher universal power…ask,…

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With all the craziness going on these days, I couldn’t help but laugh at this story. Seems like this young woman was enjoying herself a little too much. . . . As reported by Inside Edition-Caitlin Nolan A Pennsylvania woman pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct for having such loud sex that it shook the furniture…

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Of course we were expecting heavier than usual traffic on Friday, due to it being a long weekend for some folks. But we weren’t expected THIS much traffic! Below is a picture of a nineteen mile long, traffic jam. This is on Interstate 10, one of the major thoroughfares in Lafayette, La. The jam up…

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