Restitutions for 2017

Every year I go through the same mundane and idiotic ritual of listing my New Year’s resolutions. As is customary, each resolution is given a big heave-ho effort…for approximately one week.  After that week, 99% of my resolutions go down the shitter. (Note: I could have said toilet, but shitter just felt like it gave more oomph to what I really meant.

Anyway, all that said, I’ve decided to come up with three New Year restitutions–you know, having a go at fixing a few things I screwed up last year. It makes more sense to me than adding a new list of crap that I know I won’t finish. I decided to keep it simple, have it focused on what I screwed up with others instead of having the list focused on me.

If New Year’s resolutions are supposed to make you a better person, then shouldn’t a restitution list do the same PLUS help others? I think so. What the hell–it’s worth a try. The resolution list seems to make folks feel like losers because we have a tendency to either quickly forget what we were supposed to be doing, get too busy to do it, or simply wind up not giving a shit about doing anything from another list with MORE stuff to do on it.

So, after all my blabbering, here are the three items on my restitution list for 2017:

  1. Smile at 5 complete strangers each day.
  2. Publicly thank and acknowledge to a manager/superior whenever a sales clerk or server has done an excellent job.
  3. Let my loved ones know by text, phone, or in person that they are deeply loved each day.

And to all of my beloved readers, I wish all of this for you in 2017…

Joy in January

Fearlessness in February

Mirth in March

Abundance in April

Might in May

Jubilation in June

Joviality in July

Acclamations in August

Success in September

Optimism in October

Noteworthiness in November

Drama-free in December

Stay well, my friends!


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