Of course we were expecting heavier than usual traffic on Friday, due to it being a long weekend for some folks. But we weren’t expected THIS much traffic! Below is a picture of a nineteen mile long, traffic jam. This is on Interstate 10, one of the major thoroughfares in Lafayette, La. The jam up you see is all headed Eastbound….but to where?

Was the Pope coming to Baton Rouge and nobody told me? Maybe Justin Bieber, and every tween between Houston and Lafayette coerced their parents into bringing them to see him? I mean, really, THAT much traffic?

I guess what has me befuddled is remembering Easter of this year and all the holidays in 2015. Traffic was heavy, but nothing like this nineteen mile clog…and on a day when the heat index hit a hundred and three degrees. I couldn’t help but wonder how many engines were overheating, or people for that matter, the ones who had to shut their engines off to prevent their car or truck from overheating. Talk about road rage!

That massive line of mobile humanity even made the headlines of the local paper and was the leading story on the 5 o’clock news.

I can only imagine the mood most of the folks stuck in that jam-up must have been in by the time they reached their destination. “Hey, Ma, happy friggin’ 4th….grrr.”

As for me, I’m happy to report that I kept my butt at home, which is fortunate. Had I been one of those poor folks stuck in that line, the news would have been reporting, “Mass murder on Interstate 10. More news at 6.” I’m not exactly the most patient person on the planet. I would have been looking for the yahoo that started the pile up in the first place. It only makes sense that if everyone kept moving at the speed limit, the roads wouldn’t clog up. But, nooo. Some wise-ass, probably texting and driving, was barely chugging down the left lane…you know, what’s supposed to be the passing lane!…and wham! Traffic jam.

I guess Texas, or any state West of Louisiana wasn’t offering much for the holiday weekend because, as I’m sure you can see in the pic, you could have easily roller skated down the West-bound lane. It was all but empty.

Anyway, just wanted to sound off. Oh, and here’s food for thought…what do you think’s going to happen when allllll those folks start returning on Monday afternoon/evening? Yep, West-bound clog here we come.

Roto-Rooter, if you’re in the house, I’d suggest you start setting up now, pal!

Stay cool and traffic-jam free, my friends!




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