Ghost Hunting 101 Part 3 When to go hunting…

Ghost Hunting 101 Part 3 When to go hunting…

By Deborah LeBlanc / July 8, 2016 /
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By Deborah LeBlanc / July 3, 2016 /

Of course we were expecting heavier than usual traffic on Friday, due to it being a long weekend for some folks. But we weren’t expected THIS much traffic! Below is a picture of a nineteen mile long, traffic jam. This is on Interstate 10, one of the major thoroughfares in Lafayette, La. The jam up…

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Hand to Mouth

By Deborah LeBlanc / June 14, 2016 /

So many authors have made the decision to go to e-book format instead of going through traditional publishers today. I can’t blame them. I know in my case I make a lot more money from my e-book sales than I ever made with a traditional publisher. To mix things up a bit I started thinking…

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By Deborah LeBlanc / April 18, 2016 /

GRAVE INTENT GOES VOCAL! Latest newsflash is that Grave Intent is now available as an MP3 download from Amazon, Audible, and iTunes and before long, I’ll have it available right here on my site. (Hopefully soon!) Anyway, the actress reading GI is Alexandria Stevens, who, along with Raven Audio, made this a fabulous production! Have…

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Acadiana High Hits a Home Run!

By Deborah LeBlanc / January 7, 2016 /

This morning we were graced with the pleasure of presenting Acadiana High School with 200 free Itablets and over a thousand reminder bands. The reception from the students was fantastic. A big shout out to Principal David LeJeune and the entire staff of Acadiana high for allowing this to happen! Night Before Preps This morning’s…

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By Deborah LeBlanc / December 16, 2015 /

A HUGE Thank you to every one who attended Fright Trail in October! Because of you, we are able to donate 39 cases of Itablets, which we are splitting between two high schools. The first batch went to Comeaux High because so many of their students supported the Trail in October. Principal Mary Sonnier was…

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By Deborah LeBlanc / December 6, 2015 /

Had an awesome time with my paranormal investigating family last night. Nope, no dishes flying across the room or beds levitating, but hopefully the family we visited is resting a bit easier today, which is the point in the first place. For some, investigating the paranormal is a way of providing them with evidence–if they’re…

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Dreams Do Come True

By Deborah LeBlanc / November 21, 2015 /

Dreams Do Come True They really do. Sometimes at the time we’d want them to or in the quantity, color, etc we’d hoped for, but if you stay committed to a dream, it WILL happen. How do I know? Because one of mine came true– big time—yesterday! If you don’t mind, I’m going to have…

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10 pounds of sh** in a 5 pound bag

By Deborah LeBlanc / November 20, 2015 /

I hate moving. Like I REALLY hate moving! I lived in one place for almost 30 years, divorced, moved to an apartment, stayed a year–didn’t care for apartment life–moved to an older rental home, owner died, family wanted house back. Moved to yet another rental, stayed one year, family who rented the house lived in…

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Ho Ho Huh?

By Deborah LeBlanc / September 22, 2015 /

I’ve been at our annual plotting group hideaway since Thursday, along with the fabulous Cherry Adair . sensational Stella Barcelona , terrific Tina Desalvo , and delightful Delilah Marvelle . Although each annual event is held at a marvelous location, it really is a workfest bar none. We spend MANY hours plotting new books for each…

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