Through the Veil

Nearly a year ago I was asked to be part of the paranormal investigation team whose adventures would be taped for television. Steve Blaze, founder and lead guitarist/singer for the rock group Lillian Axe, along with Dave Young, a good friend who’s been doing paranormal investigations for over 25 years, created the group, Through the Veil. Pelican Broadcasting, a cable television network out of New Orleans plans to air the program by the end of 2015. Along with Steve and Dave we have BJ Haggerty, master equipment tech, Fred Poole, all things electronic guru and resident skeptic, and investigators Gary Nunenmacher and Kim Capello.  I was asked to join the group as their “clairsendium,” a word I made up because I really didn’t know what to call myself. Although I do seem to have the ability to hear, see, and feel the dead in my mind’s eye and ear, I am in no way the Long Island Medium. And even with the ability to strongly sense what may have happened to a person or in a place, be it past, present and/or future, I am no John Edwards. So I sort of mashed the three abilities I seem to have into one word—clairsendium.

I feel truly blessed working with this group of people. They’ve become like family to me. Every one of them is very sincere about discovering the secrets of the afterlife and each is willing to debunk an unusual event faster than they are to accept it as paranormal, which I appreciate more than I can say. They are respectful of the dead as much as they are the living who dwell or own the locations we are asked to investigate. There isn’t a fake bone in their bodies, which is something I am very grateful for and blessed to be a part of.

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